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    how to get an amputation


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    how to get an amputation Empty how to get an amputation

    Post  marcg. on Sun May 24, 2009 10:29 am

    I'am a man, 47 years old. I'am have succes in mine job. I'am a brooker. For many years i'am dreaming of to get an amputation. My left leg is in mine mind not a part of my body. Is it through that in England there are docters who want to amputate mine leg when i paid for it. It is my dream to get an high as possibele amputation of mine left leg, so that it is not easy to get an prothese. I have already visit this site many times and now i have the guts to ask this.

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    how to get an amputation Empty Re: how to get an amputation

    Post  janice on Sun May 24, 2009 10:02 pm

    Do you really want your entire leg gone? As an amputee myself I can assure you life missing a limb is not very easy. There will be no turning back. You will often have "phantom limb" pains. Everywhere you go you will need crutches or a wheelchair and still there will be many places you cannot go at all.
    Why don't you buy a good pair of crutches and use them to go everywhere for one month. Do not walk anywhere, do not put any weight on your leg, always use your crutches only. I think that after one month you will be glad to still have two legs.
    If after that one month passes and you still feel like you want to become an amputee, then you should talk to a good doctor to get help to get your wish granted.

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