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    Devotee dying to fall in love


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    Devotee dying to fall in love Empty Devotee dying to fall in love

    Post  rickd63101 on Tue Aug 11, 2009 7:32 pm

    I am a single male, that absolutely ADORES women that are missing one or more legs. If you are looking for friendship, self confidence, or maybe a little something more, please drop me a line.

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    Devotee dying to fall in love Empty Hi

    Post  angelwithcp09 on Tue Sep 07, 2010 4:52 pm

    I know that your looking for legged amputee girls, but I have severe cerebral palsy, and it's not fatal. It's not progressive either, which means I won't get worse or better. There are different cases, and in my case, I can't walk, use my hands, and have severe muscle spasms. I can talk, but my speech isn't crystal clear. (I'm 24 from USA)

    I use a wheelchair to get around in. It's electric. I drive it with my mouth. I can do everything; I just need a little help. So, I dare you to get to know me!

    Email address: cpgirl8604 "at" cox dot net
    Yahoo screen name: cpgirl8604

    I am a southern girl born in New Orleans, but lived around the US. I'm a military brat, because one parent was a coastie.

    My personality is exquisite; most of the time I am very happy, bubbly, and happy-go-lucky. I'm also very down-to-earth. I love to play with children, and I don't take life for granted. I laugh at anything. I'm sassy but in a very fun way. I can be blunt but it is not intentional. I'm a romantic. I'm not an outdoorsy girl, but I love to swim. The beach is one of my favorite places. Also, I like to go camping occasionally, and hiking is fun too. The only outdoor activity I don't do is rock climbing. I also like to travel. I would love to visit New York City and California, (San Diego, Los Angeles, Hollywood...) one day.

    Anyway, My mind is fully intact, and I have a few extra marbles in my brain. I'm in college, and I am getting my associate's degree in liberal arts. After I get my associates, in May '10, I am going to get my Bachelor of Arts in writing. (Update: Due to emergcey surgery, graduation has been pushed back by a year, but I'll graduate)

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