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    My husband is a new amputee


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    My husband is a new amputee Empty My husband is a new amputee

    Post  wildcountrygrl06 on Mon Sep 13, 2010 9:50 pm

    Hello I decided to join this forum because my husband is a new amputee. On July 23rd he was driving when a flat bed tow truck crossed the double yellow line and hit my husband. At the accident is where he lost his arm. He still has a little left but it is above the elbow. Along with the violent amputation he recieved major chest injuries as well. He is finally coming home from the rehab center on Wensday. Unfortunitly one of the two skin grafts didn't take and he just has to let it heal on its own. We did have a visit from a prostetic company that the rehab center recomended and he says after Mark is healed he should have no problem getting a prostetic. My husband is still unsure if he really wants one. So now to a few questions if you don't mind. In therepy he was complaing of his shirt sleve hanging. Is there a good way to fix it up but not distory the sleve incase he does get a prostetic. Also any other tips and how I can make things a little easier for him? I do let him do things on his own and won't help unless he asks but I don't see how it hurts to have items to help him around the house. Thanks so much for your time. He most likely will not join any forums but knows I am going to so thanks for the help.

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