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    Arm amputee pretending in U.K.


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    Arm amputee pretending in U.K. Empty Arm amputee pretending in U.K.

    Post  macamp on Thu Mar 24, 2011 4:15 pm

    I am a 68 yr. male arm amputee pretender in the U.K. I like to pretend with below elbow and above elbow stump, and also with a full arm prosthesis modified for pretending. I do it outdoors when there is an opportunity well away from home.
    I used to do leg pretending but that is much more inconvenient and not good for the knees.

    My other interest is wearing shiny black raincoats or capes, and best of all to combine the the two pursuits.

    Before I got into surfing the web, I thought I was alone but now I know I am not.

    Illustrations of my activities can be seen on YouTube (username andrew2fet).

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