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    Need advise on type of new mechanical leg to request.....HELP!!


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    Need advise on type of new mechanical leg to request.....HELP!! Empty Need advise on type of new mechanical leg to request.....HELP!!

    Post  mpr9876 on Mon May 07, 2012 5:48 am

    I am a transfemoral amputee above my right knee since August '09 when a stoned Buckeye ran me down on my Harley with his Chevy Suburban. Have been stumping around with reasonable success with my C-leg since then. But as grand as that piece of Austrian engineering is - it does have significant limitations... cannot get wet; no waterskiing nor showers for me :-( It also requires daily recharging so there is no way it can be used in a wilderness setting where there are no electric sockets available; places I dearly love to be....
    My prosthetic provider is a great man who has improved the quality of my life immeasurably.... however, the mechanical leg he seems to want to sell me is a Fabtech Bartlett Tendon Universal Knee System, and I have great reservations; the leg WILL PERFORM in sport situations such as waterskiing and immersion in water for swimming or hygiene; but it will not allow me to perform the most basic and necessary of functions: it wont let me walk because it is like strapping a 2 X 4 onto my stump as it will not bend to allow for any type of stride?
    Am I asking for too much in a mechanical leg with the limitations of todays technology? I'd like to go camping without worrying about charging my leg. To try and relearn how to waterski and take a shower without concern. But, mostly - I want to be able to be ambulatory in this new prosthetic, not "still-legging" it here and there while I wear the device, making me feel and look like a fool as I prefer to blend in and not draw attention to myself.
    If ANYONE HAS ANY KNOWLEDGE OR SUGGESSTION ON THIS ISSUE, YOUR INPUT IS AND WILL BE MOST WELCOME. you may answer me on this page, or call me: Preston @ 502 314 0701.

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