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    Post  hookman on Sun Oct 07, 2012 1:19 pm

    Hello everyone,
    I recently spent the weekend out of town on business & decided to do some pretending as an rbe w/ hook. It took a while to get the hook thing working properly and looking realistic, but I did a pretty good job. Everyone at the hotel new me as the man with the hook hand. I even did some shopping & it was pretty cool. Being rbe using a hook isn't really all that disabling. You can still accomplish 90% of your daily tasks pretty easy.

    It's pretty funny to see people's reactions. At the mall or store, the patrons really don't give a crap unless you wave it around. Once they see that you have a hook, they want to stare, but can't so they just ignore you. Kinda sad for the real disabled. But waitress, cashiers, hotel clerks, are a hoot. The women show some tenderness and the men think the hook is funny. I had waitresses get so nervous they forgot my order or gave incorrect change !

    I look forward to pretending again and want to hear other's stories. Do ya'll have any other good pretending suggestions ?? If you ever want to pretend, male or female, I'm located in the s.e. U.S.A.

    hookman out.

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